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It’s All About Location

If you want to do something outside around the New River Gorge Preserve, there are a lot of options. With the National Park Service managing over 70,000 acres of wilderness accessible from your front door, there are a lot of great ways to get outside. From the rim to the river, the gorge has something for everyone.

Wet and Wild

The New River is one of the most diverse and exciting rivers in the world. The big draw on the New is the Whitewater. The New River is unique in that it carries much more water than most Appalachian streams, providing for bigger rapids and bigger thrills. Even more wild are the rapids on the New’s sister river, the Gauley.

Whitewater rafting is just one way to enjoy the river. There are actually several sections of the New, so paddlers can choose from mild to wild. Also, the New river is famous for some of the world’s best smallmouth bass fishing. Between the raging whitewater and the calm pools, everyone can enjoy one part or another of the New River.

Among The Woods and Rocks

The plateaus and mountains of West Virginia are amazing places. Whether strolling through the woods, or going for a more strenuous hike, the trails are varied and plentiful. Bird watching and waterfall viewing are some of the most popular hiking activities.

The New River Gorge Preserve is one of the hosts for the annual Neo-Tropical birding festival, held in the Gorge each May. Over 150 species were identified on Preserve trails in 2008.

If you decide you’d like your hiking a little bit steeper, you’ve come to the right place. The New River Gorge is famous the world over for its fantastic rock climbing. With over 1400 different climbing routes, you will never, ever run out of ways to challenge yourself on the cliffs within the gorge.

Mountain biking is another popular activity within the gorge. With trails to suit every ability, more and more people are discovering the gorge by pedaling instead of paddling.

Around Town

Some people are looking for a different way to tour around the New River Gorge area. The town of Fayetteville, nestled right on the rim of the gorge, has plenty to see and do as visitors walk along the historic downtown streets. Art galleries and quaint shops are open year-round. Restaurants in the area cater to a wide variety of tastes and occasions, and the café is the perfect morning spot to meet-and-greet.

The New River Gorge Preserve sits at the center of it all. It’s living at a national treasure.